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07 July 2010 @ 11:32 am
Stealing this meme from my Beatles gurlllzzz  
I promise  to update today about my health but I wanted to do this meme really badly! 

Own a Beatle Blanket? I was tempted to buy a Lennon blankyyy. :)
Own a Beatle record player? Sadly no.
Have Beatle pictures in your locker? We  don't  have lockers at our school.
Celebrate Beatle Birthdays? YES!
Dream almost every night about The Four? I have  a lot  of Beatle  dreams and I wake up and write them into fanfiction  but I never show anyone.  xD
Wish you lived in the 60’s? EVERYDAY.
Claim you are married to one of them? Not marriage, just committed relationship.  hahha
Own Beatle figures? No  just a shit load  of posters.
Have a pet with a Beatle related name? Nope

This or That:

Cynthia or Yoko? Cynthia!!!!!!!
Patti or Olivia? Olivia, she's my favorite Beatles wife x100. I think she is so genuine and lovely.
Linda or Jane? Linda, she's such a sweetie.
Maureen or Barbra? Maureen.
Beatle Boots or Beatle wigs? Beatle Boots, they call me "Boots" at school so yea  this would be the obvious choice for me.
George’s accent or Paul’s love-song voice? Sorry George but Paul's love song voice makes meh melt.
Ringo’s rings or John’s harmonica? John's harmonica, fa sho.
A Hard Days Night or Help!? A Hard Day's Night
Revolver or Rubber Soul? Rubber Soul
Blackbird or Here Comes The Sun? I'm a Here Comes the Sun lover.
George or John? Fuck this is the hardest  question ever.  At this momen....George.
Paul or Ringo? Paul!
Ringo or George? GEORGE!!!
Paul or John? John!
John or Ringo? John, sorry Ringo  I just adore John way more than you!
Paul or George? George!
George’s body or Paul’s lips? George's body. *le sigh*
John’s wit or Ringo’s cuteness? John's wit, I adore that about him.
John’s nose or Ringos nose? John's, I want  to kiss it.
Cellophane flowers or Poppys from a tray? Cellophane flowers :)
1962-1966 or 1967-1970? 1962-1966, I like the Beatles  as a band the best, but the  music I love tthe most is after '67.
Let it be or Please Please Me? Let It  Be
Aunt Mimi or Julia? Aunt Mimi, I have a soft spot in my hear for that woman.

Random Beatle Questions:

If you lived in the 60’s and John Lennon walked up to you, what would you do?
Solicit my body for sex.
If Paul McCartney proposed, would you accept? I'd have to have sex with him first.  If he was as good as everyone said, then yes.
If you were sitting at home and Ringo Starr called you over for tea, would you go? Uhm DUH!
If you lived in the 60’s and George asked you on a date, what would you say? I would jumpon that offer so fast. xD

This song or that song?

Across the Universe or Old Brown Shoe? Old Brown Shoe.
Please Please Me or Love Me Do? Love Me Do
Taxman or While My Guitar Gently Weeps? While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Shes Leaving Home or When I’m Sixty-Four?
When I'm Sixty-Four
I Will or Here, There and Everywhere? That's tough, probably "I Will"  but I'm not crazy over those songs like other Beatles fans.
If I Fell or I’ll Be Back? If I Fell
Let it Be or The Long and Winding Road? LET IT BE!!! I don't even like the "Long & Winding Road"
For You Blue or Something? Something, I want it played at my wedding.
Within You and Without you or Love You To? Love You To,  the sitar is fucking amazing.
Honey Pie or Wild Honey Pie? Honey Pie!
Rocky Raccoon or Why Don’t We Do it in the Road? Rocky Raccoon, even though in  real life I burs out into song and sing "Why Don't We Do It In The Roaddd?!?!!?!?"
Julia or Hey Jude? Hey Jude, it's one of my all time favorites. SUCKIT.
In My Life or Blackbird? In My Life!
Yesterday or Eight Days A Week? Yesterday, it's beautiful.

People on Your Beatleness:

Do people ever make fun of you because of your obsession?
All  the  time
Has someone envied you because of your obsession? No
Do elderly people often ask ‘You like The Beatles'?  YES!
Has someone ever told you that the Beatles suck? All  the time
Do people find you interesting due to your obsession? A little bit
Have people ever asked you to burn a album for them? Yes
Have you ever converted someone onto the Beatles? Yes  :D
Has someone ever told you 'Don’t you know that John/George is dead’? Yes! Lol an idiot in my class was much worse and said "Ringo  is dead too."
Have you ever gotten in a long ongoing conversation with an older person about The Beatle? Oh yes!
Do you get upset when people make fun of them? Kind of.
Has someone ever asked you aren’t they all dead’? Yes D:<
Do you try to rub off your Beatleness onto other people? Nahh
Do people often ask you about the fab four? Yep

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katexlovekatexlove on July 8th, 2010 03:46 pm (UTC)
heh I know that was like the only major answer that we didn't have in common.

I just love Olvia, you love Patti, in time you see what is right. ;)