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All things must pass..

All things must pass away

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I'm Kate! :)


I vent a lot about my life on lj, here's a quick overview about me.

Well you need to know that I'm a progressive liberal left wing democrat.
I believe all people are created equal- no exceptions.
I was born in the wrong time era.
UC Berkeley.
I'm very politically active and am a proud Democratic Socialist.

1960s, 1970s, 1984, a hard day's night, abbey road, activism, animal farm, animal rights, antiques, art, beatles, beirut, bernie sanders, big brother, big love, bill maher, billy elliot, bob dylan, book stores, boots, british invasion, buddy holly, cassie/sid, cavalier king charles spaniel, ccr, civil disobediance, civil rights, cream, creedence clearwater revival, degrassi, degrassi next generation, democrat, democratic socialism, dev patel, dhani harrison, dianna agron, disability rights, doctor who, dogs, england, eric burdon, europe, european history, flea markets, florence + the machine, george harrison, gossip girl, grapes of wrath, graphic design, guess who, haight ashbury, hannah murray, happy endings, hard days night, harrison, help!, inglorious bastards, iphone, jacob/bella, jal/chris, janis jolin, janis joplin, jefferson airplane, jimi hendrix, jodi picoult, john entwistle, john lennon, john/george, john/paul, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, karl marx, kaya scodelario, keith moon, kennedy, lea michelle, led zeppelin, lee dewyze, lennon, lennon/mccartney, let it be, little miss sunshine, london, macca, magical mystery tour, marxism, mccartney, men, modern family, monkees, music, nyc, oltl, once, orwell, passion pit, paul mccartney, paul/john, peace, period films, pete townshend, photography, photoshop, pinback, politics, protest, rachel/finn, rachel/puck, revolver, ringo starr, rock, roger daltrey, rubber soul, san francisco, simon and garfunkel, skins, slumdog millionare, socialism, spn, steinbeck, steve miller band, sunglasses, supernatural, the amazing race, the animals, the band, the beatles, the doors, the graduate, the guess who, the hush sound, the kinks, the lovely bones, the monkees, the rolling stones, the sixties, the sounds, the soup, the turtles, the velvet underground, the white album, the who, tony/michelle, top chef, universal healthcare, vampire weekend, vintage, washington dc, wings, writing